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5-6 December 2019, Warsaw Poland



Why 'freeze'? If you are a trainer or dog handler you already know what freeze means. It’s the very moment when your dog is extremely focused just before letting you know that he found something. The moment of your satisfaction that you and your K9 partner did a good job.

FREEZE! a new event in the cynology world . A combination of science and technology focused on working and service dogs.

FREEZE! an international conference for canine professionals and K9 practitioners, a knowledge sharing platform and great opportunity for networking.

FREEZE! an intense 2-days event filled with lectures and meetings with world-class specialists: scientists and experienced practitioners.

FREEZE! the place where science meets technology in K9 world.

The first FREEZE! International Working Dog Conference will be held December 5-6, 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.

The key value of FREEZE! is knowledge offered to attendees – brought by world class experts in the fields of breeding, training and using service/working dogs.

Our ambition is to make FREEZE! a cyclic event, recognized source of knowledge in cynology.

The conference is designed for people who are professionally engaged in the broad area of working/service dogs as well as institutions that use K9s for various purposes:

  • search and rescue services
  • law enforcement and military
  • companies, institutions and individuals professionally engaged in breeding and training working dogs
  • dog handlers, trainers and vets
  • persons responsible for managing and developing K9 capabilities in their institutions
  • scientists, cynologists
  • NGOs

FREEZE! International Working Dog Conference is organized by IRMA foundation (NGO/Public Benefit Organization) and SOF Project company.

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Keynote Speakers

Well known canine scientists and practitioners

  • Nolan



    For 30 years trained dogs and instructed owners in the training of retrievers for competition. His owners and their dogs were successful in the hunting field and at national competitions. Since 2008 has been working with SOF units, including FBI HRT, US Army Special Forces Groups, German GSG9, Polish GROM and many others. Responsible for evaluating Multi-Purpose K9s, establishing training plans and monitoring canine progress.

  • Lee



    Chemist and biologist, currently serving as the U.S. Army Research Office Chief Scientist. His work at the ARO includes basic research directed towards hazardous materials management, studies in decontamination, detection, and protection. He coordinates and manages the research programs focused on basic and applied research needs for Military Working Dogs (MWDs). The MWD research includes science and technology to supplement the capability of the canine as well as veterinary needs and overall conditioning.

  • Hammond



    Widely recognized as an industry leader in the use and deployment of explosive K9 detection teams. Throughout 28 years of his career Paul has successfully managed many of the world’s largest canine programs. Vast experience in domestic & international terrorism, spanning 20 years of continuous K9 deployments throughout Iraq, Afghanistan & Northern Ireland in support of U.S. Dept. of Defense, U.S. Dept. of State, the British Military & Private Security Sector. The current President of VWK9 LLC which has exclusivity on the patented K9 technology Vapor Wake®.

  • Simon



    Research chemist at the US Naval Research Laboratory. Alison does research to characterize odors for target materials helping to develop canine training aids, with the ultimate goal of furthering understanding of and improving canine detection capabilities. She earned her PhD in forensic chemistry from Florida International University and has worked with the FBI Forensic Canine Program, the Fort Worth Police Department K9 Unit, and the IFRI Canine Certification program. The topics that will be held by Alison are 'Odor Chemistry' and 'Canine Detection of Explosives'.

  • Schoupi



    Former GIGN (France) operator. EOD specialist and K9 trainer and instructor specializing in laser-guided explosive detection dogs and reconnaissance/assault. Subject-matter expert on working dogs at distance: laser guided and A/V directed. Special Operations K9 trainer and instructor. Product developer for GSSI and T&S Concepts, lead designer of the K9visionsystem (system that allows seeing what the dog is doing during his missions, using live, wireless video transmission and display).

  • Scheifele

    Peter M.


    Founder and Executive Director of FETCHLAB™ USA renowned for investigating and conducting clinical animal audiology, vocal mechanisms and marine bioacoustics. U.S. Army Special Forces and DOD subject matter expert (SME) on tactical military working dog audiology and Canine PTSI. Professor of human neuroaudiology in the College of Allied Health Sciences, and otology and neurology in the School of Medicine and of animal audiology and bioacoustics. Numerous publications on canine and marine mammal hearing and audiology.

  • Auten

    Ole Kristian


    More than 33 years of service in Norwegian Armed Forces, including 13 years as Commanding Officer in Norwegian Joint School of Dog Training. During his service in NJSDT was responsible for developing and implementing rules and regulations for the K9 service, selection of suitable Military Working Dogs (MWDs), and evaluation of all units that use MWDs in Norwegian army. MWD handler, trainer and instructor with years of practical experience.

  • Frank



    Dr. Jens Frank from the Scandinavian Working Dog Institute (SWDI) trains handlers and working dogs, mainly from police and armed forces. He also has a position as associate professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. His specialization, among others, is non line of sight K9 directional and remote control, used for detection and recon.

  • Prada

    Paola A.


    Ph.D. in Chemistry with a forensic science concentration. Awarded the 2010 Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship funded by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Current research focuses on 'volatolomics' (analysis of volatile organic compounds which could yield a chemical odor profile useful for identification purposes). Has worked with canine scent detection in the context of optimizing odor collection techniques for scent training purposes. Has worked with number police/government agencies to help develop better instrumental and training techniques in various areas of odor detection.

  • Gołębiewska



    Biologist, experienced trainer, dog psychologist and breeder. Holder of Diploma of Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting with specialization in dogs’ aggression from Canadian Companion Animal Science Institute (2009). Lecturer in COAPE Poland (2010). Collegium Humanitatis (Warsaw) lecturer specializing in psychology and behavior (since 2012). PhD in dogs’ psychology in progress. Author of book and series of articles.

  • Herma



    Instructor, trainer and Search and Rescue dog handler with many years of experience. Zoopsychologist who joins scientific knowledge with SAR K9 practicalities and canine training related issues. His experience led him to develop unique device called 'dogEgo'. The trainer allows simulating all kindes of environmental conditions and distractors that K9s face while conducting SAR mission. Thanks to 'dogEgo' multiple training scenarios can be practiced in one place.

  • Schoon



    Profesionally involved in working with scent detection dogs for law enforcement since 1991. Since 1997 has been doing research projects in explosive, drug, human remains and corrosion detection, puppy selection and training programs. Member of the Interpol European Working Group on the use of Dogs for Criminal Investigation and of the FBI funded SWGDOG. Has worked for the Global Training Centre for Mine Detection Dogs in Bosnia, the Dutch National Police K9 Unit, Dutch Customs, Dutch Army and Fjellanger Detection and Training Academy in Norway. K9 instructor in Frontex, member of the EU working group on explosive detection dogs.

  • Gustavsson



    Full time trainer and instructor at renowned Scandinavian Working Dog Institute where he works with K9 police, military and other law enforcement units. Co-author of book 'Tracking Dogs – Scents and Skills' (published 2011, available in 30 countries worldwide). Tobias specializes in tracking and scent detection and has extensive experience in developing K9 capabilities in different organizations. Biologist, doing research projects on working dogs at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

  • Heidt



    Active member of the Special Intervention Unit of the Bundespolizei (German Federal Police). SOF K9 handler since 2013, when the Special Operations K9-Program has started, based on operant-conditioning-methods. K9-Instructor for guidance-dogs and radio-guided EDD. As an expert in the field of ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) he utilized and developed technical solutions and training-designs for K9 according to CT-operations by using dogs as operative instruments. He has close contacts and networks to SOF and other partners all over the globe.

More interesting speakers to come… Stay tuned!

Conference agenda

The following subjects will be covered during FREEZE! IWDC 2019

Peter M. Scheifele, Ph.D. LCDR USN

Canine tactical audiology and noise impacts

Jens Frank, Dr.

How to conduct effective scenario based training

Stephen J. Lee, Ph.D.

Military working dog science and technology for the future: Needs and opportunities

Paul Hammond

Vapor Wake® - Body-Worn Explosives Detection

Alison Simon Ph.D.

Odor Chemistry

Alison Simon Ph.D.

Canine Detection of Explosives

Pat Nolan

Directional Training for Working Canines

Pat Nolan

Push Pull Training in Drive

Tom Schoupi

K9 Vision System

Ole Kristian Auten

The Norwegian way of selecting Military Working Dogs [MWDs]

Paola A. Prada, Dr.

Odor profiling in forensic specimens: instrumental and canine perspectives for live and decomposition samples

Adee Schoon, Dr.

Perception of the odor/pseudo scents

Jerzy Herma

'dogEgo' search and rescue dogs training device

Dirk Heidt

Integration of technology with dogs - applicability and limitations in training and missions

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